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Be very careful with what you share with ChatGPT!



ChatGPT has become an important part of our workflow, often even replacing Google Search for many queries. Many of us use it for simpler queries. But with the help of ChatGPT plugins and extensions, you can use AI for more complex tasks. But we advise you to be careful with your use of ChatGPT and the data you share with it. Some users reported that ChatGPT disclosed some private conversations.

Be very careful with what you share with ChatGPT!

According to information from the ArsTechnica, which showed screenshots sent by one of its readers, ChatGPT is leaking private conversations. They include details such as usernames and passwords. The reader had used ChatGPT for an unrelated query and, interestingly, detected additional conversations present in his chat history that did not belong to him.

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These external conversations included various details. One set of conversations was from someone trying to resolve issues through a support system used by employees of a prescription drug portal, and included the name of the app the stranger was trying to resolve, the store number where the problem occurred and additional login credentials.

Another leaked conversation included the name of the presentation someone was working on, along with details of an unpublished research proposal.

This is not the first time that ChatGPT has released information. ArsTechnica notes that ChatGPT had a bug in March 2023. It dropped conversation titles, while in November 2023, researchers were able to use queries to trick the AI ​​bot into disclosing a lot of private data used in training the chat. LLM.

Meanwhile, OpenAI mentioned to ArsTechnica that the company is investigating the incident. Regardless of the results of the investigations, we advise against sharing sensitive information with an AI bot, especially one not created by you.

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