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Bigger, cheaper televisions. It is happening!



As we said before CES 2024, TV manufacturers want to increase the size of TVs while making them more accessible to the masses, even if they are based on more advanced technologies such as OLED or QLED.

An excellent example of this is a TV recently launched by HiSense. Shall we analyze?

Bigger, cheaper televisions. It is happening!

Therefore, while in Europe and South America we see a huge increase in demand for TVs when the Football World Cup or the European Championship takes place, the same happens in the United States when the Super Bowl approaches.

This is exactly why HiSense made its new QLED 4K U76N available with an incredible 100 inches, which originally hit the market for $4,999, a very interesting $1,999. It is a promotional price with a limited time duration. However, it is also the start of something incredible for anyone looking to change their TV in the coming months.

Especially because this HiSense QLED 4K U76N, in addition to its 100-inch screen, has the ability to go up to 144Hz, supports FreeSync Premium Pro, Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, and of course, it is based on the Google TV operating system, so Installing apps is a treat.

Is bigger always better?

Of course. Whether you believe it or not, sitting too close to a large TV will end up being detrimental to your experience.

Still, seeing 100-inch TVs, based on QLED technology, is obviously good news, and it’s something that will start to trickle down to lower ranges, or more specifically to 55- or 65-inch QLED and OLED TVs.

Are you ready to switch TVs in 2024? Or will you wait for Artificial Intelligence to arrive in force? Share with us your opinion about all this in the comments box below.

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