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Blizzard wants to change Overwatch… Again!



As you may know, Overwatch has undergone many changes in recent years, in order to adapt to a whole new reality, and of course, to compete with the increasingly numerous competitive online games. This is exactly why the original 6 vs 6 Competitive FPS game no longer exists as it has given way to a revised version, more balanced, and with a new 5 vs 5 format.

That said, despite the fact that the changes have resulted in some success, the reality is that there are several complaints from the community. Therefore, Blizzard is ready to make new changes.

Blizzard wants to change Overwatch… Again!


Therefore, Blizzard is currently reevaluating Overwatch, in order to “revitalize” the project. The person giving us the news is Blizzard itself, through its official blog, promising to act in accordance with the feedback collected throughout last year.

In short, the game will have major updates in 2024!

The first ones are already on the way! After all, for the ninth season of Overwatch 2, players are expected to have an improved and more accurate ranking system. Therefore, in addition to helping players understand what they are doing, it will also be possible to better understand how the matchmaking system works.

Furthermore, it will be possible to earn more points for each victory in a row, or, if you manage to recover from an “almost” defeat, you will also be rewarded for that. Interestingly, even if you lose the game, but played an incredible game, there will be a reward for that.

In short, the idea is to recover the soul of the game, which is obviously a little lost after the release of version “2” of Overwatch.

First of all, what do you think about all this? Do you think Blizzard “killed” the game? Or is there still hope?

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