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Nintendo Switch is an absurd success. Be careful with 2!



Changing generations for a console ecosystem is always something that seems simple, but it isn’t. In fact, just look at the transition from Wii to Wii U, or PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3, to realize that what seems easy isn’t always so.

If you want a more disastrous example, you can always look at the case of Sega, which stopped being a heavyweight in the world of consoles in one of these generational leaps.

Therefore, despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch was an almost absurd success, it is undeniable that Nintendo has to be careful in this transition that is expected. Ultimately, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be a reality in 2024.

Nintendo Switch is an absurd success. Be careful with 2!

Therefore, despite the fact that one platform sells extremely well, this does not mean that all the success passes to the next platform. The video game market of 2017 is quite different from the market of 2024. Especially because many other manufacturers picked up on the pioneering path that Nintendo did with its Switch, and ended up launching their own portable alternatives.

In fact, in case you didn’t know, there are already plans for the launch of PlayStation and Xbox portable consoles, with the ability to play the same exact games that arrive on the main platforms, in the living room, and of course, with all the features and support for services that we know so well. These consoles are targeted for launch in the next 2 or 3 years.

In other words, Nintendo has to be careful, and cannot abandon the more than 130 million Switch consoles on the market. Nor the more than 1.2 billion games sold over all these years.

The new console must support everything that has been done, that is, all the path that has been explored by Nintendo itself. Furthermore, it also has to expand the user experience that the first Switch brought to the table.

Something that, as far as we know, is Nintendo’s goal!

After all, the design should be extremely similar, just with very significant improvements in the console’s performance. The SoC will be an evolution of what NVIDIA had already been able to offer the 2017 console, now supporting many of the technologies that are successful on the PC Gaming side.

We are going to have a console capable of playing all types of games, and this is obviously very important for Nintendo’s future in the world of consoles.

But… There are things to improve!

Nintendo must be able to offer better online services. Microsoft is the champion in this regard, with Sony in a distant second place. Unfortunately, Nintendo is in third place, miles away from Sony.

The Japanese giant has to reinvent itself in this aspect! Yes, it’s true that in the meantime, Switch made over $77 billion. But, this does not mean an automatic success for the new console.

Especially when you start to enter a world in which consoles are increasingly a PC, in turn capable of playing anything and everything without major difficulties.

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