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Cars of these colors have more accidents! Is yours on the list?



Although most people believe that having a car accident is a matter of bad luck, the latest research from carVertical, proves this to be false. Apparently the color of your car can increase or decrease the risk of accidents.

Cars of these colors have more accidents! Is yours on the list?

The choice of vehicle color is influenced by personal taste, availability, price and market trends. However, most drivers prefer neutral colors like gray, which depreciate less than bright colors.

Of all vehicles in circulation, brown vehicles (51%) are the most damaged. Although drivers of brown cars prefer reliability, luxury and comfort, this does not protect them from accidents.

Drivers who choose yellow cars like to attract attention. As they are full of energy, they can press the accelerator pedal too much – in fact, 50.6% of all yellow vehicles checked by carVertical had records of damage. Red comes close behind – 49.8%.

Yellow and red are commonly used in sports cars, which suggests that their owners enjoy speed and risk.

“There is no direct correlation between the color of the car and its accident history or average engine power. We can assume that these colors with the highest accident rates are often chosen by drivers who want to stand out from the crowd. Maybe they risk a little more in their daily commute”, explains Matas Buzelis, automotive specialist at carVertical.

How do bright colors increase car safety?

Drivers with brightly colored vehicles often appear extravagant. However, bright colors are also considered safer, because these vehicles are more visible in adverse weather or low light conditions.

Meanwhile, white vehicles stand out from their environment, making them easier to detect by pedestrians and other drivers. The story is completely different in the case of gray or black vehicles, which can be difficult to see on a rainy day.

Lighter colored cars are also easier to spot at night, which increases the safety of their owners. Although orange is not the most common color on the used vehicle market, automotive experts consider it a good choice. This is for those who want to be seen on the road.

According to carVertical research, gray (44.7%) and white (44.5%) are the safest colors, which means they end up having fewer accidents. Although traffic statistics depend on many factors – such as the condition of the road and the intensity of traffic – choosing certain colors can promote driver safety.

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