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Black Friday: electric or gas hob? This is the best option!



Regardless of our eating habits, however, it is almost inevitable that we will end up spending a considerable amount of time in kitchen throughout our lives. In fact, we could be cooking around 400 hours a year. With this in mind when we plan our kitchen and the equipment we are going to buy we have to think about a few things. For example, are you going to take advantage of Black Friday to buy a gas or electric hob? This is the best option.

Black Friday: electric or gas hob? This is the best option!


In general, installing an electric hob is much cheaper than installing a gas stove. Of course, prices vary greatly depending on the place of residence, the chosen manufacturer, etc., but the installation of a gas stove or hob, which naturally requires a gas pipe, can be more complicated and, therefore, , more expensive.

However, in the long term, running costs become more significant than the initial installation costs. Based on an average hour of daily use, a gas hob costs around 7 Euros per month of use, or 84 Euros per year. For an electrical appliance, around 11 Euros per month and 132 Euros per year. So, over an entire decade, this means that it would be approximately 420 Euros cheaper to use a gas hob.

However, because use cases and other factors differ so much, it is impossible to make an exact, non-generalized comparison.

Culinary habits

It may be that gas hobs are more expensive to install, but users save on running costs. Therefore, those who cook a lot can save more. Another of the most important factors in your decision is precisely this: how often do you intend to cook with your stove and what types of things are you likely to cook?

Electric or gas hob

Electric hotplates are generally more effective at maintaining certain heat levels, although they may be less capable of providing rapid temperature changes. When a meal requires switching from low to low heat, the gas can pass from one to the other more quickly.

Perhaps, then, an electric model could be an excellent option for those who tend to prepare packaged foods that simply require preheating and then cooking at a certain temperature for a certain period of time. The more precise control, sometimes required by those preparing elaborate dishes, can be considered more the domain of gas hobs.


When it comes to cleaning, many electric hobs don’t have the complex components of their gas counterparts, allowing cleaning wipes to glide across the cooking surface to prevent any build-up of spills.

On the other hand, the gas connection, gas burners and protective grilles of a stove may have to be removed and cleaned separately and, if we do not do this carefully, we risk damaging the delicate components.

The risks

Gas hobs, of course, are powered by gas. Gas leaks from these stoves, even when turned off, can lead to interior benzene concentrations comparable to environmental tobacco smoke.

With electric stoves, there is another big concern to be aware of: fires.


Gas is a reliable, fast, versatile option that won’t let you down if you’re in the middle of a power outage. However, it also has some risks. Either way, it’s the one that allows you to save more.

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