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Celeste celebrates her sixth birthday with a free 3D game



Heavenly is one of the first great indie games that inspired other companies to invest in this market.

It was on January 25, 2018 that this famous game was released on PRAÇA and immediately won over a legion of fans not only for its approach to pixel art but also for its overwhelming difficulty!

To celebrate its sixth anniversary, the production of Extremely Ok Games decided to give an incredible gift to his fans, a complete game for PRAÇA It is Linux called Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain which, as the name suggests, is an allusion to a game of Nintendo 64.

However, this is more than a reference because it was produced as if it were a 64-bit game from Nintendothat is, completely in 3D with a very similar artistic style.

The production commented through the the next:

Relive the magic of Celeste Mountain with Madeline in this short and exciting 3D platformer. Created in a week (more or less) by the Celeste team to celebrate the game’s sixth anniversary.

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