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Choose this program on your washing machine!



If you don’t use your washing machine’s settings correctly, your clothes could be damaged, your energy bill will be higher than necessary and the appliance won’t last as long as it should. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with your washing machine’s settings and cycles and make sure you’re using them correctly. So read this and only then choose the program on the washing machine.

Choose this program on your washing machine!

Washing machine cycles

First, let’s look at washing machine cycles. Washing machines come with a selection of cycles and programs, so it is important to know which ones are best suited for certain types of clothing and items. clothing. Knowing washing machine cycles will help you wash your clothes safely without causing damage.

The cotton cycle

One of the most used cycles is the cotton cycle. This cycle is suitable for cleaning cotton clothing or clothing that requires a stronger wash to remove stains. This includes items such as sheets, towels, linen, socks and any other heavily soiled item of clothing. This cycle should be used with a high spin setting to speed up drying time for heavier items.

The synthetic cycle

The synthetic cycle should be used for the daily washing of synthetic or mixed materials that are moderately soiled or soiled. This includes polyester sportswear, jeans and sweatshirts. This setting is ideal for items that require a slightly gentler wash and should be used with a lower spin speed.

Color clothes in washing machine. inside view

The delicate cycle

The delicate cycle provides a low agitation wash that is best suited for cleaning more delicate or fragile clothing. This cycle provides a lower spin speed and is best suited for materials such as silk, wool, lingerie, delicate knits and blouses.

The quick wash cycle

The last of the cycles to address is that of Quick wash. This cycle is ideal if you are in a hurry, as many machines can complete a quick wash cycle in half an hour. The washing cycle is accelerated and also uses a high-speed spin cycle to speed up the drying time. However, quick washing is only recommended for lightly soiled laundry and is not suitable for delicate fabrics.

Spin speed settings

Sometimes the spin speed of your clothes is determined by the cycle you use. However, if you have to manually set the speed of your washing machine, there are a few things you should know.

The spin speed is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). That is, the number of times the drum rotates in one minute. Higher spin speeds are suitable for deeper cleaning and stain removal. Speed ​​also increases drying time, thus reducing the time clothes spend in the dryer and saving energy. Lower spin speeds provide less agitation, so they are better for fabric care and will prevent your delicate garments from becoming too wrinkled. However, lower spin speeds also have less cleaning and stain removal power.

Temperature Settings

Many washing machine cycles also allow you to choose the temperature along with the speed setting. Choosing the correct temperature is very important to ensure that your clothes do not shrink or become damaged during a cycle. Care labels generally include the highest temperature to be used on a garment, but it is still very helpful to familiarize yourself with the temperature settings.

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Washes at 60°C or higher are best for removing tough stains and high levels of bacteria. Warm temperatures of around 40°C are best for items that are in direct contact with the body, such as underwear. Cold washes, which vary between 15°C and 30°C, should be used for items with lighter to moderate dirt. Washing at lower temperatures also helps protect brightly colored clothes and garments from fading or dyeing other items.

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