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Microsoft Edge is fetching users from Google Chrome



Google Chrome continues to be the king of the browser market, but Microsoft Edge is not giving up and has gained a substantial lead in the last two months. Its market share in computers increased to 12.96% in January 2024 (11.23% in November 2023), according to a recent StatCounter report. Microsoft Edge is getting users from Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge is fetching users from Google Chrome

Two months ago, in November 2023, Safari was in second place behind Chrome. But things started to change, giving Edge more room to grow in the desktop market. Part of this growth is attributable to the multiple improvements to Edge and the integration of Copilot.

Microsoft Edge’s desktop share is 12.96% of the market, which represents a growth of 1.06 percentage points compared to December. Apple’s Safari maintains third place with a share of 8.83%, registering a drop of 0.13. Firefox follows closely, in fourth place, with 7.57%, a drop of 0.05 points.

Opera rounds out the top five with a share of 3.23%, registering the most substantial decline of 0.57.

Here’s a breakdown of StatCounter’s January 2024 desktop browser market share report:

Chrome has the largest market share, with 64.84% of users.
Edge is the second most popular, with 12.96% of the market share.
Safari has 8.83% of the market share.
Firefox follows with 7.57%.
Opera has a smaller share of 3.23%.

Other browsers collectively represent 2.57% of the market share.

Although Microsoft Edge is catching up on desktop computers, it is not performing well in global market share, which includes phones and tablets. According to StatCounter’s all-platforms report, Edge remains in third place, with a market share of 5.36%, while Safari remains in second place, with a market share of 18.82%.

The market share figures for mobile phones and tablets are not impressive, but both show small but steady growth. The main reason behind this is the massive dominance of Chrome, Safari and Samsung Internet, which attract many Android and iPhone users.

Microsoft Edge is slowly improving

Thanks to new features, Microsoft Edge could gain more market share in the coming months.

For example, Microsoft Edge 121, now available for the Stable channel, has added support for the AVIF and AV1 file formats to speed up page load times.

Likewise, new alerts about the latest browser updates have been moved to the Browser Essentials section. In case you haven’t noticed, the “heart” icon in the Edge toolbar shows Performance and Security cards.

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