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Christopher Nolan’s decision on the next James Bond has already been made



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Directing a “James Bond” film is one of Christopher Nolan’s greatest wishes ever. But it looks like it’s not this time.

The director of “The origin”, “Batman: The Beginning”, “Dunkirk”, “Memento”, “Interstellar”, “Tenet”, among other films, continues to be in the spotlight even after the release of “Oppenheimer” from movie theaters.

His controversial opinion on streaming platforms has caused a lot of ink to spill over and opened an important debate for the future of cinema. From your perspective, the streaming platforms are “a sign of great danger”.

He also adds, in an interview given to Variety – “you can no longer get the same amount of money as you used to. The shift to streaming has completely changed the industry and created problems for everyone.” Despite the controversy, the iconic director is already thinking about the future and what his next film will be.

From a long-time desire, Christopher Nolan has a particular interest in making a film about the saga of James Bond. Recently, rumors have been circulating about the director’s role in the saga. Now Christopher Nolan has closed the matter.


Christopher Nolan
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“No, unfortunately no, there is no truth in these rumors“, Nolan told The Associated Press in an interview done while promoting the launch in “Oppenheimer” in Blu-Ray. In addition to the fact that there is still no director for the next secret agent film, Daniel Craig’s successor has not yet been chosen.

Despite his dream and his constant contact with the main producers of James Bond, Barbara Broccoli It is Michael G. Wilsonthe saga of the world’s best-known secret agent will continue but without Christopher Nolan’s signature.


Would you like to see the director in front of one of the films in the “007” saga? What will Christopher Nolan’s next film be?

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