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Complete collection of ships in Star Citizen costs 54 thousand euros



With Squadron 42the single player component of the highly anticipated complete and “polished”, the game continues to sell packages to players that include ships, in order to finance the development of this game from the popular producer . The most recently “package” nicknamed “Legatus 2953” includes all ships that have been launched to date and costs an impressive 54,907 euros.

is a project that began in 2012 by the talented Chris Roberts that brought us games like Wing Commander, Starlancer It is Freelancer. roberts resorted to crowdfunding (collective financing) to free itself from the restrictions of large publishers who were not willing to take risks on an exclusive space simulator for PC.

The vision of Chris Roberts for Star Citizen is extremely ambitious, which is why it attracted so many supporters, the game will be a combination of MMORPG and space simulator, with exploration components, first-person combat, racing, economy management, etc…

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