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Disney+: This movie has been officially cancelled! A sadness…



The world of cinema is truly upside down and the most recent project cancellations have proven this. After all, there are already several films and series that have not seen the light of day.

Well, although the strike was one of the main factors for all this to happen. The truth is that this time has nothing to do with this situation.

Therefore, the most recent cancellation on Disney+ is nothing less than one of the most anticipated films. Namely, The Bikeriders. A film that had everything to tell a good story and even be successful around the world. But unfortunately it won’t arrive….Or at least not anytime soon! This is because Disney+ would only be a distributor of the project.

Netflix renews this series for season 7! It seems like a lie!

Disney+: This movie has been officially cancelled! A sadness…

Therefore, Jeff Nichols’ feature film will have to wait a little longer, much to the dismay of the many users of this Streaming platform. Once beyond the story that seemed to us simply brutal. We could also count on a very good cast with some stars like Austin Butler or even Tom Hardy.

That said, rumors that are slowly emerging on the Internet indicate that Disney+ abandoned the project due to problems related to aesthetics. Maybe it wasn’t something compatible with the platform and didn’t follow more or less the same standards. This is at least the most logical explanation we could find…

Disney+ film canceled

In short, this film canceled by Disney+ will now need to find a distributor. Which we also think won’t be too complicated given the quality of the project. But let’s wait and see what happens and see if Disney didn’t make a big mistake by scrapping the film.

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