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These two Korean series arrive on Netflix in December!



Netflix and South Korea have an increasingly strong partnership in the world of Streaming. After all, if you follow the platform regularly, you’ve certainly noticed that we’ve seen huge growth in both series and films. Interestingly, practically all of them have incredible success around the world.

Therefore, following the example of Squid Game, there are two other South Korean series that are ready to arrive from next December and that promise to surprise. They are none other than “The Monster of Gyeongseong” and “Yu Yu Hakusho”. But what story do they both tell us?

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These two Korean series arrive on Netflix in December!

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The Monster of Gyeongseong (premiere December 12th on Netflix)

It’s 1945 and we have a city of Seoul completely submerged and dominated by colonialism. And that’s when a businessman and a detective come together to fight for their survival. The problem is that there is more than just men to face and the task will not be easy…

Yu Yu Hakusho (premiere December 14th on Netflix)

After unfortunately losing his life through an act of kindness on his part. Yusuke Urameshi, who was considered a juvenile delinquent, becomes a spiritual detective. Aiming to investigate very dangerous cases in the world of the dead. This is clear, if he wants to return to his reality in the world of the living.

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In short, these two series have premiere dates scheduled for next December and will certainly be hugely successful. Of course, reaching Squid Game’s feet is an almost impossible task, but we’ll just have to wait for the stars of both and see how they go.

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