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Do you usually watch the Oscars? You will now have a new prize!



The Oscars are perhaps the most important awards given in the world of cinema at the moment and for which all film directors and casts work hard. After all, being awarded such an award means being considered the best of the best. And if there is one thing that exists in this world of art, it is competitiveness.

That said, and to spice things up even more while giving a new type of recognition. It looks like there will be a new Oscar for best cast. Ending up recognizing not only individual work, but also the work of the entire group. And this is something that will undoubtedly test each and every cast.

Do you usually watch the Oscars? You will now have a new prize!

Therefore, this has been the first new category added since 2001 and will only be available from 2026 onwards. However, this is something that could have been implemented a long time ago. Maybe this makes the films better due to the fact that there is an award to congratulate everyone. But this is exactly what the Oscar organization ended up saying:

“The cast and casting directors are very important and even essential for everything that encompasses film production. And we are thrilled to add this new category to the many others we recognize and celebrate.”

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In short, while this new award is not yet implemented, remember that we have this year’s Oscars and that it is about to take place next March. More specifically on the 10th. So stay tuned for all the news, winners and new revelations. Yes, because this new implementation will definitely be explained live and in color.

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