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Helldivers 2 is the most popular PlayStation game on PC



Helldivers 2, the sequel to creator Arrowhead’s third-person sci-fi shooter, was released as a PlayStation Studios-published game for the PS5 and through Valve’s Steam service at the same time, which is a real rarity. One day after the game’s release, it has already become the most popular PlayStation Studios PC game ever released on Steam.

Helldivers 2 is the most popular PlayStation game on PC

According to SteamDB, Helldivers 2 has had a peak number of 81,840 concurrent players on Steam to date. While these numbers don’t quite reach Palworld’s level, they surpass the number for PlayStation Studios’ previous most popular PC game, God of War, which had 73,529 concurrent players at its peak.

At the moment Helldivers 2 continues to be the best-selling game on Steam and currently has more than 71,000 simultaneous players. It is possible that these numbers will rise even further this weekend.

Although Helldivers 2 is performing well on Steam in terms of sales and concurrent players, it had some glitches on day one. PC Gamer reports that many players have encountered glitches in the game, while others have mentioned some matchmaking issues.

Helldivers 2 Game Director at Arrowhead, Mikael Eriksson, posted a message on his X (formerly Twitter) account. It announced the release of a hotfix for the Steam version that should correct some of the matchmaking and crash issues. And he added: “We know there is more to solve and we are working to achieve it.”

Meanwhile, the official PlayStation blog confirmed that Helldivers 2 will receive some free content updates after launch. While there are no specific details about these updates yet, the blog states that players can expect “revamped gameplay, introducing new tools, new challenges, and new threats from across the galaxy.”

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