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Do you want real Artificial Intelligence on your smartphone? Pay!



A few days ago, we reported that Samsung, among other manufacturers, was planning to change the business model in relation to the world of smartphones, due to the fact that all the technology that serves as the basis for the Artificial Intelligence algorithms that have given so much speak, are actually processed in the “cloud” and not locally on the device itself.

These servers have a cost, which is not low, and as such, smartphone manufacturers want to pass this same cost on to consumers. However, as there is no longer any room to increase the price of smartphones, it is necessary to look for money elsewhere.

Well, let’s go in parts.

Do you want real Artificial Intelligence on your smartphone? Pay!

s24 ultra, Galaxy S24

Therefore, as we have been saying, Samsung does not want to maintain the same mold that is now available on the recently launched Galaxy S24, in which all AI features are available to everyone, free of charge.

However, Samsung also does not appear to have plans to “block” all AI features on its smartphones. Instead, you want to create a kind of premium subscription, to give access to the latest, most powerful features, etc… Leaving the base functionality open to all users.

In fact, Galaxy IA can and should be made available for all recent Samsung Galaxy devices (up to 2 years on the market), which in turn could open up a whole new market for the South Korean giant.

This strategy could be implemented as early as 2025, however, we still have no idea about the subscription price. In fact, this strategy is not yet finalized! This is a decision with a lot of risk in the mix, especially if Samsung decides to ask for money, and all of its rivals present similar AI solutions without asking for anything in return.

In addition to all this, we still have the question of… Do you want to pay for the current features? Probably not! Before you see manufacturers asking for money for something, that “something” needs to be really important and revolutionary.

First of all, what do you think about all this?

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