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Does power saving mode slow down your smartphone?



Many people prefer longer battery life above all else. As such, they activate all the functions that are available and that can result in some savings. However, by doing so they are creating some problems. Some more important than others. This brings us to a question. Does power saving mode slow down your smartphone?

Does power saving mode slow down your smartphone?

How does this mode work?

Power saving mode limits applications and features so that the system only updates content when you open the relevant application. Additionally, when in this mode, location services only work while the screen is on. Dark mode is also activated and the Google assistant stops responding to voice commands.

function that slows down the smartphone

However, power saving mode also does not allow applications to run in the background, and some notifications may be delayed. How this works varies from app to app, depending in part on what the developers did with their code.

In addition to normal mode, Google’s operating system also has an extreme battery saving mode. As the name suggests, this feature goes beyond Battery Saving mode. This stops most applications (effectively disabling their notifications) and slows down the smartphone’s chipset. When in this mode, your device will set the screen timeout to 30 seconds and prevent location-related data from being searched.

The way to check if this mode is deactivated varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.

For example, on a smartphone Samsung, we have to go to the settings and then in the search type drums. Then just click on the first result that appears.

At this point, we just need to check whether the Energy Saving option is active or not.

If we click on this option, we can customize everything even further. Now this means that you can even activate this mode without losing much speed.

So what we have to do is, for example, activate the mode but disable some things like limiting the CPU speed to 70%. It is also acceptable to leave 5G on. At the same time, we can disable application limitations.

Android delay smartphone

This way it is possible to have speed even with the energy saving mode turned on.

Of course, we can also go further and protect some apps from being slowed down.

However, in the case of Samsung smartphones we still have another mode called Adaptive Energy Saving. In practice, it is accessible in the three-dot menu within the battery section. What it does is automatically turn energy saving on and off based on our usage patterns. If you want to have maximum speed, it’s not worth activating this mode.

Android delay smartphone

Have you ever used this mode? Tell us everything in the comments.

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