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Earbuds will change in 2024! Everyone will want this!



The world of wireless earbuds is incredible in terms of quality and alternatives available to consumers, but… Truth be told… It’s also quite stagnant! After all, with the exception of some products such as Freebuds 5 It is FreeClips of Huawei, or Bose QuietComfort IIeverything else is exactly the same, offering the same exact features, at the same exact price.

Well, in addition to these products, we also have what Nothing is doing, which isn’t revolutionary on the performance side, but transparent designs are always interesting and different.

But, we now have something new that will most likely be successful in the market in 2024 and 2025. Especially because Samsung is already ready to invest all its know-how and production strength in this new trend.

What are we talking about?

Earbuds will change in 2024! Everyone will want this!

Therefore, if LG is the queen and mistress of the world of large OLED screens, it is undeniable that Samsung dominates with an iron fist on the side of more compact screens, whether for tablets, smartphones, or watches.

Well, there is another product wanting to enter the OLED world, taking advantage of this same appetite for smaller screens. A strange product… It’s the Earbuds!

Samsung presented a product that is just a concept for now, but I believe it has everything it needs to work.

An earbud box for the Galaxy Buds Pro, which of course, has an OLED screen mounted on the top to display some information, and also have access to some interesting settings such as ANC control.

Basically, the screen built in here is exactly the same as the one we can find on the Galaxy Watch. In other words, a round screen, which is neither big nor small. It’s a curious implementation, because it would allow Samsung to take advantage of existing production lines, without spending much more money, and thus increasing the price of the final product too much.

However, Samsung has not stated when this may or may not reach the market. There are some complications with this design!

Yes, this type of design brings with it some challenges.

After all, to bring the screen to life, you need to equip the box with a processor, RAM, storage, and of course, a battery capable of offering good autonomy to the buds, but also to the box itself.

Furthermore, it would always be expensive to implement this screen in buds, truth be told, at this point in the championship, they are no longer exactly cheap.

Still, being something so different and interesting, I have no doubt that we will see many products like this on the shelves in 2024, and also in 2025. In fact, there are already some alternatives from slightly less known manufacturers.

But, if Samsung is already experimenting with this thing… It will undeniably be crazy! All you have to do is wait for the price.

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