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Foldable smartphones will become more resistant! Is it this one?



The foldable smartphone, as a concept, looks extremely interesting! After all, we are talking about a device with dimensions identical to a Galaxy S23 Ultra, which when closed looks like a small makeup box, or a tablet that transforms into a foldable smartphone, and which can fulfill both missions! (Serves as a smartphone and tablet).

However, now that almost 5 years have passed since we saw the first foldable smartphone on the shelves of the most varied stores, the reality is that this type of device has not yet been able to win over consumers. Well… truth be told, Samsung is somewhat to blame for this issue! Because it launched an unfinished Galaxy Fold, too fragile and too expensive. Something especially serious because consumers already had some fear of what this format could mean in the real world.

But, even with a lot of failure in the mix, it is undeniable that all manufacturers, more specifically Samsung, have continued to invest heavily and badly in the format. This is exactly why the year 2024 seems to be very important for the future of foldables.

Foldable smartphones will become more resistant! Is it this one?

Therefore, Samsung, which is the most powerful force in the field of innovation when it comes to foldable smartphones, has just registered a new trademark for its name.”Ironflex“. What is this? Well, everything seems to be a new screen technology to make it more robust, and therefore more durable.

This technology should be part of the 2024 launches, that is, the new Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Z Fold 6. However, the registration seems to convey the idea that the technology can be implemented on more devices, and not just smartphones.

We still don’t know what this means in real day-to-day use. However, it is undeniable that more resistance, more quality, etc… It is always good news in the world of foldables.


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