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Epic victory with jury deciding that Google has an illegal monopoly on its app store



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In court the Epic has just emerged victorious from a lawsuit filed three years ago against the Google claiming that it had an illegal monopoly on its app store. The jury in the case Epic v. Google has just given its verdict, concluding that Google has transformed its app store Google Play and the service Google Play Billing into an illegal monopoly.

Unanimously, the jury reached the conclusion that the Google engaged in anti-competitive behavior and that the Epic was harmed by this behavior. It was thus concluded that the Google has monopoly power in application distribution markets Android and in the in-app billing services markets.

This was a very different outcome from that when the Epic lost his court case against the Apple which he also accused of anti-competitive behavior.

At issue is the opinion of the Epic that all application producers have complete freedom to present their own application stores and their own billing systems on the Android. It is now up to the judge, James Donato, to decide what the penalty will be assigned to the Google.

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