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The characteristics of the powerful Playstation 5 Pro should soon be revealed



PlayStation 5 Digital press

Already here we reported that Playstation 5 Pro it will have a lot of power and a new rumor suggests that the characteristics of the new console from Sony. According to the well-known insider Tom Hendersonleaks of the characteristics of the PS5 Pro may begin to emerge this month, as the Sony is in the process of sending development kits to third-party studios.

Henderson on twitter reveals that her own Sony internally believes that the PS5 Pro It will probably be the target of a leak at some point in the next few weeks. Although without specifying how this will happen, it is safe to assume that images and additional hardware specifications may begin to appear on the Internet soon.

Rumors began to appear more and more frequently that the Sony is preparing to launch a more powerful iteration of PS5 in 2024, which will be dubbed PS5 Pro. This ends up making a lot of sense, since the Sony launched the PS4 Pro a few years after the beginning of the life cycle of the PS4.

Publicly, there are still many months to go before the Sony speak publicly about Playstation 5 Proat the time of Playstation 4 Pro The Sony it only formally revealed the console in September 2016 and then launched it in November 2016.

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