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Even today, Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford discuss the central issue of Blade Runner out loud



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Ridley Scott is a director unafraid to say what he thinks. In “Blade Runner,” he clashed with Harrison Ford.

Ridley Scott is back in the spotlight thanks to “Napoleon”. The film starring Joaquin Phoenix It is Vanessa Kirby has divided opinions.

Our critic João Garção Borges points out the film’s big problem – “you just know some of the film’s forays into decisive battles in Napoleon’s military career. Will we see them in a streaming version? If so, it would be interesting to premiere the expanded version in a theater, even if only for a limited period. Because the big screen is not valued just in terms of scale. In fact, the true scale corresponds to the hard core of the projects that tell us about mortal characters who, for their own reasons and historical circumstances, have achieved a place in the Olympus of “larger than life”. However, in specialized international critics, there are more favorable opinions.

Radheyan Simonpillaifrom CBC Radio, says, “Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby give us a sick response to the deliciously toxic romance, dancing between the comical and the devastating.”

In addition to this new epic by Ridley Scott, the director has other incredible films such as “Gucci House”, “The Last Duel”, “Lost in Mars”, “American Gangster”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Gladiator” It is “Alien – The 8th Passenger”. But it was in one of his best films ever, “Blade Runner”, that he got into a huge dispute with Harrison Ford.


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The director is known for his excessive use of voiceover and Harrison Ford is not a particular fan of this technique.

But this was not the biggest problem between the two but rather the real identity of the main character. For Harrison Ford his character is human while Ridley Scott sees him as a replicant.

The debate still continues and the person who revealed it was Denis Villeneuve in an interview with FandomWire. The director of the sequel “Blade Runner 2049” he said – “they are not sure if they are replicants or not. From time to time, detectives have to test each other to make sure they are truly human. In the film, Deckard is not sure, like us, what his identity is. Harrison and Ridley still argue about this. If we put them in the same room, they don’t agree and start talking too loud.”


What is your opinion? Do you agree with the director or the actor?

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