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Fate/Extra CCC manga ends in March



FateExtra CCC vol 5 cover

According to Kadokawa the 8th and final volume of the manga Fate/Extra CCC by Robina will accompany the release of the 7th volume on March 8, 2024.

The manga’s story begins with “Sakura,” who holds the key. The Holy Grail War in the cyber world is supposedly over, but a fatal error occurs in the spiritual computer that governs the world, and history shifts to the “dark side of the moon.”

The manga of Fate/Extra CCC began to be published in June 2015 in Comptiq and its 6th volume was released in February 2021. The manga adapts the spinoff game Fate/Extra CCC by Type-Moon, which Marvelous AQL released in Japan to PlayStation Portable in March 2013.

Robina released a manga adaptation of Fate/Extra at Comptiq in 2011, and the manga ended in November 2014. Kadokawa released the sixth and final volume of the manga in December 2014.

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