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NOS has the fastest mobile Internet in Europe



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Portugal once again stands out at European level! All because there is a Portuguese operator that has won the title of fastest Internet.

Last October, we had already realized a study carried out by DECOProtest in which it revealed which Portuguese operator had the best mobile internet 2023. The survey in question, carried out in the application QualRedefrom DECO, had the participation of 62 thousand consumers who evaluated the performance of mobile networks all over the country. The parameters under analysis included speed of download It is Uploadweb browsing speed, and speed in streaming.

This time, and after having indicated to you what the best deals that currently exist in Portugal, it is time to learn about the results of the new study by Ooklaa world leader in the analysis of fixed and furniture of internet. Founded in 2006, the brand already has a total of 50 billion speed tests carried out on its platform.


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For the first time, there is a network mobile Portuguese company that leads this ranking. Like this, US was considered the faster from Europe. Common Speed ​​Score in 183.36The operator significantly outperformed other European networks. The runner-up, Bulgarian A1, scored 167.81.

This study compared the performance of mobile networks from the main European operators, including Portuguese ones, based on more than 16 million tests carried out across Europe through the platform Speed ​​test. This achievement represents a milestone for mobile networks in Portugal.

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