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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have a demo on PS5!



Sony is giving some importance to the second chapter of Final Fantasy VII, now called Rebirth, by offering many good previews to show what is about to arrive on PlayStation 5. Something that makes perfect sense, given that this is one of the most important releases for the Sony console in 2024.

However, everything indicates that things go a little further! Sony will also make a demo of the game available in the coming days, to generate even more enthusiasm around the Square Enix project.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have a demo on PS5!

Therefore, on February 6th, Sony will sponsor a new chapter of the State of Play Web-Show, this time completely focused on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. That said, in the same way that we received a demo of Final Fantasy 16 when Sony made a State of Play focused on that game from the iconic Final Fantasy saga, it is very likely that the same will happen with Rebirth.

After all, Rebirth will be released as a temporary exclusive game for the PlayStation 5, in the exact same way that Remake was also a temporary exclusive for the PlayStation 4. The game is expected to have an exclusivity period of approximately 2 years. Therefore, this is undoubtedly an interesting and obviously important project for the PlayStation ecosystem.

Having said all that, let’s hope the game is as good or better than FF VII Remake! A project that disappointed me for not offering the entire gaming experience (divided into 3 parts). But still, due to its different way of looking at the story, with more modern gameplay… It was able to win me over from the first second. I’m really excited to see what will change in the original story! Yes, in case you didn’t know, FF VII Remake is not a 1:1 Remake, there are differences! Almost as if it were an Alternate Universe.

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