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Google may end Bard and call it Gemini



Google’s generative AI strategy seems confusing at the moment, with a number of disparate services coexisting. To make things easier, it looks like the company is planning to bring it all together using the name of its latest AI model, Gemini. In Google Bard’s website code, strings have appeared that suggest the company is planning to change Bard’s name to Gemini.

Google may end Bard and call it Gemini

The Bard expert, Bedros Pamboukian, shared on X, that there are flags available on the public Bard website that allow Google to quickly replace the entire “Bard” brand with “Gemini”. All relevant text strings with Bard mentioned have an alternative version available with Gemini in their place, such as “New document created. Parts of your answer may only be available in Bard”, turning into “New document created. Parts of your answer may only be available in Gemini.” These new strings are publicly visible in the code on the Bard website. The only Bard string that Google appears to have left intact is a logo tag for the header.
Google Gemini

The rebranding is indeed in effect for Bard Advanced. The yet-to-arrive paid version of the chat tool is called “Gemini Advanced” in the strings. Although this new name sounds simple, it can cause confusion since the underlying Gemini model is available in three different levels of complexity that are described with similar words: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra.

With Google preparing this rebrand on the Web, a few more pieces of the puzzle are now falling into place. A few days ago, 9to5Google discovered that Google was planning to change the name of its new and improved version of Assistant to Gemini. Now everything makes sense in this strategy.

Even if Google decides to move forward with the Bard rebrand, there are still other generative AI products that have a different name. Firstly, there’s Duet AI, which is the brand Google uses for its Workspace products. It’s possible that Google wants to create a clearer distinction between Workspace tools and consumer offerings so it can keep both names.

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