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Fossil will exit the smartwatch business. It’s a shame!



Do you still remember a time when all the leading manufacturers in the Android world decided to abandon Wear OS to develop their own watches and ecosystems? It wasn’t like that so long ago!

We are talking about manufacturers like Samsung, which decided to launch watches based on Tizen OS, or even Huawei, which began to have immense success with products like the Huawei Watch GT, and still does today, despite all the limitations and damage to its image. , continues to sell watches like hotcakes.

Well, at a time when all the “big” companies abandoned Google’s Wear OS project, we had another company picking up the pieces from the broken plate, in order to create something extremely interesting.

We’re talking about Fossil! An unexpected manufacturer that knew how to make good use of the empty space that existed in the ecosystem, particularly on the smart watches side.

However, at a time when Samsung decided to once again bet everything it had on the Android ecosystem… Fossil decided to throw in the towel. It’s curious, because it ends up being Fossil’s own fault.

Fossil will exit the smartwatch business. It’s a shame!

Fossil Gen5

In short, it’s sad! The 6th generation of Fossil smartwatches (Gen 6) will be the last to reach the “smart” market, in what seemed like a serious Goodbye and not a simple “See you soon”.

More concretely, the Fossil group announced plans on Friday to end all efforts on the smartwatch side, to instead focus fully on non-connected watches.

Thus, the successor to the Fossil Gen 6 launched in 2021, which was expected in the coming months, will not be a reality. Still, the company says it has plans to keep its current devices updated “for years to come.”

It is a shame! We’ve had the opportunity to test several Fossil watches over the years, and they’ve always been incredible, especially in terms of design. However, it ends up being a “normal” withdrawal.

After all, with Samsung offering such a robust range of Wear OS watches, with higher build quality, and more integration of smart features…. It has always been complicated for Fossil to try to sell less capable, more expensive alternatives.

Especially because the manufacturer has never been able to make its devices evolve technically over all these years.

Therefore, with other watches, at the same price or cheaper, with lower margins, wireless charging, and more capabilities… This was an inevitable goodbye.

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