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Fuel: Prices fall again! But very little!



It seems like an almost miracle, but even in the middle of two wars, the price of a barrel of oil was able to stabilize in international markets, which in turn gave the markets some security to lower prices. Something extremely important at this time of year, when the cold starts to set in in Europe. (It is at these times when the use of Diesel increases, to serve as fuel for heating devices).

Having said all this, despite the fact that next week will be a time for price drops, this time the drop will be minimal. Some stations may not even change prices. But… At least it doesn’t go up!

Fuel: Prices fall again! But very little!

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Therefore, in the new week that begins on November 27th (Monday), it is very likely that there will be, on average, a drop in Gasoline prices of between 1 and 2 cents, while the price of Diesel will fall between 0.5 cents and 1 cent.

This means, again on average, that the Gasoline 95 Simple drops to €1.68 per liter of fuel, while the Simple Diesel remains at €1,629 or drops to €1,619.

Once again, on average it means that these prices take into account the values ​​that the more than 2400 active gas stations in Portugal charge, and of course, they do not take into account discounts on receipts, cards, or regional promotions/campaigns.

So, as always, it’s up to you to choose the most attractive gas station for your wallet, and the fuel tank of your car or motorcycle.

Fuel: Prices fall again! – I also want to point out that current prices are some of the lowest we have seen since war broke out in Ukraine. Good news, despite the fact that in Portugal we still have “aid” from the state of more than 20 cents waiting to be implemented in Diesel and Gasoline prices.

Average Prices in Portugal – Source

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