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Galaxy S24 Ultra’s magic cover really works!



Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 Ultra uses an exotic new material and an improved screen protector from Corning. It is the first and only Samsung phone so far to sport a titanium frame and Gorilla Glass Armor screen protection. But does this really work? The tests have already been done and the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s magical cover really works!

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s magic cover really works!

Starting at the front, the new Armor glass has better anti-reflective properties and, according to Corning and Samsung, Armor also offers greater protection against scratches. But how resistant is Glass Armor to the Mohs hardness test? Well, now you can find out. YouTuber PBKReviews performed the Mohs hardness test on both the titanium frame and the Glass Armor panel of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

While we don’t have a point of comparison to know how much more scratch-resistant the titanium frame is than the aluminum frame, the Glass Armor screen protector certainly seems tougher than the Victus 2. This last screen protector was used by the Galaxy S23 Ultra and continues to be used by the Galaxy S24 and S24+.

According to the YouTuber’s tests, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Gorilla Glass Armor protection ranks at level 8 using the Mohs scale. Maybe at level 7, but the marks were so faint at this level that the camera couldn’t detect them.

For context, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Victus 2 glass starts to show scratches at level 6 using the Mohs hardness test kit. And we expect the Galaxy S24 and S24+ to show similar results, as they use the same protection.

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The titanium frame – or the frame coating – is strong enough to avoid scratches at level 4. However, marks start to appear from level 5. But, in addition to scratch resistance, titanium proves to be quite effective against falls.

In conclusion, Glass Armor actually appears to offer more protection against scratches than Glass Victus 2. This is great news for people who want to use these expensive phones without an additional case and screen protectors, or for those who want to keep them for a long time. time – now that Samsung offers so many operating system updates.

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