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Qualcomm vs MediaTek: The Dimensity 9400 (2024) looks amazing!



As you may know, Qualcomm always dominates the Android ecosystem with its Snapdragon processors, whether on the smartphone side or on the side of the increasingly disappearing tablets.

However, unlike the recent past, the reality is that Qualcomm is no longer alone in the market! After all, after a few years of “pause”, “reinvention” and a lot of investment, MediaTek is getting better and better, it is appearing in more and more mid-range and high-end devices, and it seems that it is ready making a big bet on the Premium range in 2024.

The Dimensity 9400 could be a game changer for MediaTek!

Qualcomm vs MediaTek: The Dimensity 9400 (2024) looks amazing!

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Therefore, this nonsense about always keeping your eyes open to what Qualcomm is preparing for the new generation of smartphones could be very close to an end. MediaTek is getting better and better, it has increasingly powerful and efficient processors, and apparently, it is also increasingly willing to invest in the most powerful, efficient and expensive production technologies in the industry.

After all, despite the fact that the current Dimensity 9300 was only announced in November, and has not yet reached many new generation devices. The reality is that the focus is already on what comes next!

The Dimensity 9400 will feature TSMC’s second generation of 3nm production lines! Therefore, you will invest even more in the design that the Dimensity 9300 presents! In other words, an SoC without cores focused on efficiency, betting everything on pure, hard performance. We are therefore talking about the current “All Big Core” strategy. However, now in a SoC capable of taking advantage of the advantages that 3nm offers to manufacturers.

Still, although an incredible duel between the Dimensity 9400 and the Snapdragon 8 Gen4 is expected, things could get complicated for MediaTek. After all, Qualcomm is not sleeping and is already preparing to bring custom Oryon processing cores to the table.

The Android world, especially now that AI is the name of the game… It will evolve even further, and possibly faster, in the coming years.

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