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Game of Thrones: Jon Snow series is (almost) canceled!



Well, I was excited about the possibility of finding out more about the progression of Game of Thrones after that ending… Strange? Well, the “Spin-Off” series that had the great mission of doing exactly that appears to be “Dead on Arrival”.

In other words, the project called “Snow” seems to be about to be canceled.

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow series is (almost) canceled!

Therefore, despite being personally a little shocked by this apparent cancellation, the reality is that the community even accepted the “thing”. Why? Well, let’s go in parts!

After all, if you go to Reddit, you’ll realize that expectations were really low, and that in fact, fans of the series were even impressed with how long everything was taking before it completely fell apart.

More concretely, the reality is that the project, despite being interesting, would be extremely risky for the studio due to a series of pertinent issues!

In the end, how would HBO move forward with a series that would obviously be expensive on the production side, and that would only feature 1 or 2 members of the original cast?

Furthermore, we also have to take into account that there is no original material to adapt, which of course did not happen (for the most part) with Game of Thrones, and also does not happen in House of the Dragon.

In short, it is much easier, and cheaper, to adapt the many other stories already written, such as Aegon’s conquest, Roberth Baratheon’s Rebellion, or adapting some of the Dunk and Egg adventures. This is exactly why HBO, despite realizing the popularity that Jon Snow has within the community… will opt for projects that actually make more sense within the gigastic world of GoT.

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