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You are doing the wrong things to save battery on your iPhone!



There are drum tricks that are a waste of time. Including turning off Wi-Fi, among other things. In fact, it is perhaps due to these tricks that you may be charging your iPhone the wrong way. There are many tips for boosting your iPhone’s battery, but turning off things like WiFi and the bluetooth it won’t make a difference. Some tips are simply a myth and waste your time, but we explain that in another article. So you are doing the wrong things to save battery on your iPhone!

You are doing the wrong things to save battery on your iPhone!

Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth won’t do wonders for your battery life. Wi-Fi uses little power on iPhone, just like Bluetooth. In fact, your device uses more battery with 4G and 5G than with Wi-Fi and when the Wi-Fi is off, turns to the network. If you really want to save battery, you have to activate flight mode to block all connections.

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Forcing an application to close is another dubious issue. Force-quitting apps can save some power, especially if you’ve gone into settings and discovered that the app consumes a lot of battery. But there is a catch. Constantly opening and closing apps will actually consume more power, as your device will have to restart everything again each time.

Therefore, for applications that you use frequently, such as Whatsapp or Instagram, it’s probably best to leave them alone.

Letting the battery run out is another big mistake. In the past, the best practice was to let the battery drain completely, but that’s nothing new. Today, technology is smarter and doesn’t need you to discharge it to help extend its lifespan.

So don’t be afraid to charge your iPhone whenever you want and for as long as you want.

What tips to save your iPhone battery that work?

Apple has shared some of its own iPhone battery-saving tricks to increase battery life.

Keep your iPhone up to date – Apple is always releasing software-based power improvements, so it’s best to have the latest version of iOS installed.

Lower the brightness – screen brightness is one of the biggest battery drainers, so lower it a little to save energy

Enable Low Power Mode – This handy button automatically slows down tasks like iCloud syncing and background downloads to save energy

Turn off location – go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

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