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Gen-E: The 100% electric Ford Puma is now a reality!



In an effort to catch up to its rivals, now it is Ford’s turn to present its new electric offering to the automotive world. Therefore, with new photographs confirming this reality, this huge car manufacturer wants to bring a new variant of its Puma model.

Called Ford Gen-E, this is the Puma variant with 100% electric powertrain!

Therefore, the new electric version of the Puma “Gen-E” is expected to go into production at the beginning of this year, 2024. This is exactly why a test version has already been captured by cameras in Europe, using lots of camouflage and sheet metal. UK registration number.

Is the Ford Puma Gen-E capable of rivaling the Peugeot e-2008 and the Mini Aceman?

Well, in an electric car, the most important factors are price and range. Two fields that, if well combined, can drive drivers crazy. But this is not easy at all.

Especially because with Tesla it does its own thing regarding the value of cars on the market. The truth is that countless manufacturers are almost “too desperate” to do the same.

Features of the 100% electric Puma

Some of the new features have already been revealed, the model will be produced together with the Puma with a combustion engine in Craiova, Romania. However, it will share the same platform and electric powertrain as the new Ford E-Transit Courier van.

Therefore, we can deduce that when using the same platform, the Puma should arrive with a smaller battery pack, or at most the same 55kWh pack as the base E-Transit van.

That said, if the Puma receives the smaller 55 kWh pack, that is, enough, on paper, for a theoretical range of around 370km per charge. A number that, in comparison, surpasses the current Peugeot e-2008.

However, regarding power, the Ford Puma EV has three engines at its disposal, one with 134 hp that should match its 0-100km/h acceleration in 9 seconds as its rival, the e-2008. However, there are also two more powerful options available, with 181 and 265 hp respectively.

In short, being basically a replacement for the Ford Fiesta, the Puma will continue to be a utility vehicle with a focus on remaining in the market and evolving as necessary. Therefore, with a price and range capable of rivaling current offers on the market, Ford’s new electric vehicle could actually be a great success.

Furthermore, what do you think about a 100% electric Ford Puma? Share with us your opinion about this model in the comments below.


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