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Google Photos introduces much-requested Artificial Intelligence functionality



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There’s a big new feature that has just arrived at Google Photos and promises to save hours for the app’s users!

O Google Photos is an image and video storage and management service offered by Google. This platform allows users to make backup photos and videos quickly and easily, whether in smartphone, tablet or computer. Despite all its success, the technology giant continues, on a recurring basis, to make efforts to provide an increasingly better user experience.

As such, it is not surprising that it is introducing new solutions to respond to both old problems and “demands” that arise as a consequence of the new times in which Artificial intelligence opens new horizons. In this sense, Google Photos has just received an update that will certainly significantly improve the experience of browsing large libraries of photos. photographs. It’s time to get to know her!


Google Photos
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The new functionalitycall Photo Stacks, automatically groups records made at the same time. Therefore, photo stacks are displayed as a single thumbnail image in the main photo view. By touching one of them, you will have access to all the photos that make up it. The use of this tool in Artificial intelligence It will save you from having to scroll through several screens of similar images to find the one you want.

However, one possible problem is that it may be more difficult to find a specific version of a photograph. So, to configure the Photo Stacks feature, open the Google Photos app and go to the settings menu. Select “Preferences” and look for “Stack similar photos”. Here you will find a button to activate or deactivate the feature.

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