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Playstation 5 receives update that blocks controversial accessory



Cronus Zen image

O Cronus Zen It’s an accessory that has caused a lot of talk, the small 100 euro device “digitally” modifies the controls allowing them to do things like fire faster, reduce recoil/eliminate it completely in games and even improved aiming assistance.

Many consider the use of Cronus Zen as an unfair advantage that unbalances gameplay and is much more difficult to detect with anti-cheat, as it modifies the command and not the game.

In the description of Cronus Zen we can read:

Cronus Zen lets you use any compatible controller, mouse, keyboard or steering wheel, on any major gaming console platform, with an advanced scripting engine that lets you run powerful macros!

But everything promises to change, and Playstation appears to be taking measures to prevent the use of these devices, with the recent update to PlayStation 5 to prevent the use of the Cronus Zen.

A Cronus He has already promised that he will try to resolve the situation, but this could take several weeks or months, if at all they will be able to change the situation. Cronus Zen. for it to work again with the PlayStation 5.

In statement The Cronus he writes:

We are aware of an issue with Zen and PS5. From January 24th, the console will ask everyone to update to version: 24.01-08.60.00 and, if this happens, Zen will not connect to the PS5 again without disconnecting.

However, this update is NOT mandatory! Simply ignore it and everything should still work with the Zen 2.2.2 update as expected.

There is currently no timeline for a fix, so please do not be offended if you are directed to this notice when requesting any type of ETA. It could take 24 hours, 24 days, 24 months, we won’t know until we investigate the matter.

So far, PlayStation has not made any official comment about blocking the Cronus Zen.

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