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Google will change the way we use the internet thanks to this surprising change in cookie data



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Google is the largest search engine in the world. Now thanks to this surprising change, the way we use the Internet will change.

The biggest search engine on the Internet is a authentic living organism and is constantly updated, in order to improve the experience of all users.

It is a medium used by millions of internet users around the world. Google defines, to a large extent, the way we use the Internet and even what appears first in searches. In recent times he has been linked to Artificial intelligence to improve your system.

For example, there is a new functionalitycombined with the Artificial intelligence, which allows users to generate new images with the help of AI in a simple way. However the biggest news is about to arrive after being announced at the end of last year.


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At the end of 2023, Google announced that it would start blocking Cookies of third parties. But first of all, what are cookies? This is information that is created when we browse the internet to facilitate and improve our experience.

For example, a certain website will save our preferences to provide a selection of response more direct to our taste. Therefore, since the beginning of 2024, Google has chosen millions of Google users Chromerandomly, to begin the tests.

If they are one of the chosen ones, when open the browser in desktop or in smartphone a notification will appear about privacy“browse with more privacy”. Users will be able to refuse or accept. A idea It is improve user privacy protection but without ending advertising.


Do you usually accept or reject cookies on the website?

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