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Have you noticed this problem with Instagram videos?



Instagram ran into a bizarre issue where videos on the platform from several years ago were randomly muted. However, Meta confirmed that a solution is being prepared.

Have you noticed this problem with Instagram videos?

If you’ve been on Instagram for over a decade, you may have noticed that some of your older videos have randomly lost their audio. This is something that several people have noticed in recent weeks and the number continues to increase.

More specifically, in recent months, Instagram users have noticed that videos from 2014 and earlier (Instagram only added support for videos in 2013) have suddenly lost their audio, with the videos still playing but without any sound. Trying to increase the volume or mute the video is useless as you cannot find any audio track. This occurs in Android and iOS applications, as well as in the web version.

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The Verge reveals that several of its employees noticed the issue, but it was also able to get an update on the situation directly from Meta.

Apparently, Meta is aware of the problem. So he is working to resolve it. However, there is no scheduled date for the return of audio to old Instagram videos. Obviously, this is quite frustrating.

However, while we are talking about this platform, there is another new feature on the way and it involves WhatsApp.

As the most popular instant messaging application in the world, it is to be expected that WhatsApp is always paving the way with new features that rival applications adopt. However, this is usually not the case and sometimes WhatsApp arrives many years late to add features inspired by Telegram. However, what matters is that these news make sense. However, as you can see from the most recent one, in which WhatsApp and Instagram will join together, this is not always the case.

WhatsApp and Instagram are going to join together but it seems like a bad idea!

Instagram is a popular application. In fact, it is one of the best social media applications on Android. Historically, it received several features long before WhatsApp. For example, Instagram users were among the first to adopt Snapchat-style story updates. This was in 2016, but WhatsApp only adopted them in 2017. Although both apps are broadly grouped as social media tools, people use these apps for different purposes. Instagram can be used to establish connections with acquaintances and friends, while following influencers in your areas of interest. For its part, WhatsApp is a distinctly personal application, reserved for people who can only contact you if they have your phone number.

In this case, it doesn’t make sense that Meta is working on support for sharing WhatsApp Stories on Instagram, like WABetaInfo recently discovered. After updating to the latest beta version of the Android application (v2.23.25.20) available on the Play Store, a new option was discovered to link your Instagram account to WhatsApp. The new functionality is still under development, but it is possible that it will come to life in a future update of the application.

An added value or not really

This integration could distinguish WhatsApp from rival messaging apps and would even save users the effort of manually resending the same updates across multiple platforms. However, if you have clear distinctions between what you share with your contacts on WhatsApp and with your acquaintances on Instagram, this feature may not be very useful for you. Details are not yet available, but it appears that WhatsApp and Instagram will maintain independent controls to limit audiences for status updates and stories, respectively.

Another important aspect to take into account is that Instagram’s story creation tools are more advanced. There are dynamic stickers such as weather, time and location. These features are not yet available on WhatsApp. So your updates may not look as interesting if mirrored from the messaging app.

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