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Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment could be the first Xbox exclusives to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch



While we wait on February 15th, when the Xbox will reveal its plans for the future, the The Verge per Tom Warrenrevealed the first two games that according to their sources will be released for other platforms, they are Hi-Fi Rush It is Pentiment.

We already talked here previously about the rumor of the launch of Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 and Switch, but this is the first time the game has been mentioned Pentiment from the Obsidian Entertainment.

Tom Warren also writes that later in 2024 the launch of Sea of ​​Thieves for other platforms.

Games like Starfield It is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle were also the subject of rumors in the past that pointed to them being on PS5, but given all the commotion that was generated online, the Microsoft You can rethink your strategy. One thing is for sure, on February 15th we will get some answers.

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