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Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson celebrate Valentine’s Day at AMC this week



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Valentine’s Day on AMC is full of cinematic surprises, and Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are at the center of the romance.

O Valentine Day is just around the corner and national channels are ready with special content that promises to fill your screens with romance. The AMC channel was not indifferent to this special date and is preparing to show some of the greatest romantic films ever produced by the film industry.

After making people talk with the screening of one of the most awarded novels in the history of the Oscars, with “Brokeback Mountain“, starring Heath Ledger (“The dark Knight“) It is Jake Gyllenhaal (“Donnie Darko“); It is “Into the night“, with Jeff Goldblum (“Jurassic Park“) It is Michelle Pfeiffer (“The Fabulous Baker Brothers“), the channel returns to the genre with works with lighter tones, focused on humor and animation.

Jennifer Aniston AMC
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

This February 14th, the AMC channel has a grid filled with 12 impressive works, such as “Love Doesn’t Take a Vacation” It is “Notting Hill“, which promise to leave viewers hooked to the screen. However, there are two works, starring Jennifer Aniston (“Mystery in Paris“) and Owen Wilson (“Loki“), which stand out from the rest.


Separated from Fresco AMC
Photo by Melissa Moseley © 2006 Universal Studios

Jennifer Aniston (“Family Trip“) celebrates this Valentine’s Day with “Separated from Fresh” (2006), a film directed by Peyton Reed (“Ant-Man and the Wasp“) who sees her next Vince Vaughn (“Couples Therapy“), in a comedy that follows a man who feels his relationship is stagnating and then decides to separate from his girlfriend so that she misses him. However, advice from family and friends takes the separation further than both expected, creating a rift between them that is difficult to mend. “Separados de Fresco” is scheduled to be shown at 1:25 pm. Aniston (“Friends“) also returns with “Love by chance” (2009), at 00:15, in a project carried out by Brandon Camp (“Love and Ice Cream“), and co-starred by Aaron Eckhart (“The Other Side of the Heart“).

Me, You and the AMC Plaster
Photo by Melissa Moseley © 2006 Universal Studios

Owen Wilson (“The Tenenbaums – A Genius Comedy“) marks this date with “Me, You and the Plaster” (2006), a feature film that follows the relationship of newlyweds Carl and Molly Peterson, played by Matt Dillon (“Asteroid City“) It is Kate Hudson (“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery“), who find themselves forced to host Carl’s best friend, Dupree, when he is fired for missing work in order to be part of their wedding as the groom’s best man. The arrival of this third element in the relationship will test the couple’s fortitude, leading them to question their union, as well as their friendships. Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo (“Avengers: Endgame“), the film is scheduled to be shown at 11:40 am.

In addition to these great films, the channel also has on its agenda the screening of “Harmony Coming from the Heart” (2022), “All for Love” (2016), “Sweet on You” (2023), “Something’s Brewing” (2023), “The Bride’s Sister” (2019), “Love… is Complicated!” (2009), “Give Time to Time” (2013) and the aforementioned “Notting Hill” (1999) and “Love doesn’t take a vacation” (2006). If you don’t want to miss any of these premieres, then you can find the channel in position 63 in MEO, 84 in US, 89 in Vodafone It is 38 in Nowo.


Are you ready for the most romantic day of the year?

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