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How to Mute Notifications While Driving on Android 14



There are many things that your smartphone can automate when you are driving your car, all thanks to Modes and Routines. But there’s another easy way to restrict notifications and taps while driving without ever touching a Mode or Routine. That said, know that Android 14 puts an end to distractions while driving. So see how to silence notifications while driving on Android 14!

How to Mute Notifications While Driving on Android 14

For this example, we will use a Samsung smartphone. However, be aware that this is not a specific feature of the One UI 6.0. So all phones with Android 14 should have it.

The “Mute Notifications While Driving” feature does exactly what it says and turns on Do Not Disturb on your phone whenever you’re driving.

This tool uses motion sensors and connections bluetooth from your phone to find out if you are in a moving vehicle. It then turns on DND to limit interruptions like calls and text message notifications.

To enable this feature, open the Settings app on your Galaxy device, go to “Safety & emergency” and select “Mute notifications while driving”. Then tap the ON/OFF button to activate the functionality.

Mute notifications while driving

Again, this isn’t a One UI 6.0-specific feature developed by Samsung, but rather by Google, and it requires Android 14. But since One UI 6.0 and Android 14 go hand in hand, your Samsung smartphone will have to Run the latest version of One UI before you can use this new tool.

If you want to create more detailed automations for your phone when you’re driving, you should check out Modes and Routines, which is already a specific feature of One UI. To start exploring it, open the “Settings” app on your Galaxy device, go to “Modes and routines”, select “Driving” and customize the mode parameters to your liking.

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