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Investing in Technological Companies without Knowledge?



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Is investing in technology companies without knowledge possible? What are the risks and steps to take? And what are the most important decisions?

After a lot of inflation and interest rate increases, we are all trying to figure out how to increase our income or use our money to earn something passively. More and more people are talking about investments, whether in shares or Cryptocurrencies. However, the knowledge necessary to invest with some security takes time to acquire and nothing guarantees a return in the short or long term. Fortunately, some brokers are beginning to appear with ways to enter more easily at this time, which we normally have some fear about.

Today’s video is exactly about that, how to invest without knowing how the market works. What do we need to know? What are the tools? What decisions should be made and how can we understand risk levels but also have some estimate of return? In a market where money can multiply over the long term and which statistically gives between 10% and 15% of profit per year, having all our money in the bank may not make sense. So where do we start if we don’t dominate this world and many of the words and acronyms we hear don’t make sense to us?

In today’s video, we see tools to start investing, ways to analyze certain values ​​and what they can tell us, what risks to avoid and what are the best areas for investment. With technology growing, along with entertainment, video game, software or streaming companies are in the focus of the day. We analyze ETFs, mainly focused on these companies like Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Disney, Netflix or Activision. This is the eighth video from the new space here at MagazineHD with this “Investing in Technological Companies without Knowledge?”.

To learn more about these investment possibilities, watch our video and find out if it’s something that makes sense to keep an eye on.

VIDEO | Is investing in technology companies without knowledge possible?

Author: Luis Pinto

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