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MLB The Show 24 will be released for all Consoles on March 19th



A Sony Interactive Entertainment and the San Diego Studio announced that the game MLB The Show 24 will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series It is Nintendo Switch on March 19th. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.of the Toronto Blue Jays was the athlete chosen to represent the game. Pre-orders for the standard edition are now available.

Through the site Sony Interactive Entertainment we can read the following:

“Play to your advantage, live decisive moments, become a legend and live your baseball dreams in MLB The Show 24.

We all have a moment to live. We all have a story to tell. Live your moment. Become the owner of The Show.

The show is yours. Are you ready to receive it?

Set out on the road to baseball greatness – whatever you want to achieve, the MLB The Show 24 it has everything you need.

Earn your ticket from the minor leagues to the big leagues and prove you have what it takes to reach the top. Learn about known and unknown sporting legends and be inspired by their heroic deeds. Stay calm when necessary and earn the right to be called the champion of World Series.

Accumulate victories, get up after defeats. Whatever happens, you know you didn’t leave anything undone on the bench.

Main Features:

  • Celebration of History with Plots – Celebrate and learn about baseball legends and their fantastic stories. Storylines mode transports you to baseball’s past to relive iconic moments from baseball heroes known and unknown. Enjoy career-defining moments through a combination of immersive gameplay and visual storytelling.
  • Road to the Show – Unlock your moment and build your career in the ultimate baseball role-playing experience. Become a baseball player and travel from the minor leagues to the majors to define your legacy.
  • Franchise – Manage, build and lead your team to World Series glory to become an annual powerhouse in Franchise mode. Try new features that provide deeper and more dynamic gameplay from March to October.
    March to October – Take control of your favorite team, focus on the season’s key moments and see if you can make it to Postseason and beyond.
  • Diamond Dynasty – Build your fantasy team with players from every era in baseball history in the return of Diamond Dynasty for another season. Collect player cards, build your dream team and play head-to-head with other players, online and offline, while customizing your team’s look and stadium.
  • Multiplayer – Gather your friends and face them in a cross-platform game. Climb the leaderboards and compete against other players online, or experience team glory together through online co-op play. With cross-progression, continue your progress and earn and use content on other console platforms.”

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