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iPhone 16 will disappoint badly and badly!? It will be possible!?



Several analysts have once again stated that the new generation of iPhone will be unable to excite consumers, which in turn could mean a terrible year for Apple.

After all, we are talking about a 15% drop in shipments to stores, in what is the most popular and important product for the North American giant.

But… Does that make any sense?

iPhone 16 will disappoint badly and badly!? It will be possible!?

iPhone 15 Pro Max alongside Samsung’s S24 Ultra

Therefore, as I have said in the past, I don’t think this really makes much sense, because the iPhone sells purely and simply because it is an iPhone, and not because of the new features or technical features it presents in each new generation.

Still, many analysts say with certainty that the new generation (iPhone 16) will not be able to offer a good level of differentiation compared to the current models (iPhone 15), and that for this very reason, sales will suffer. In fact, there are even those who are talking about price cuts to counter weak sales, which would be a novelty for an Apple product.

More specifically, it is expected that Apple will not be able to achieve the same success that it achieved in 2023. A year in which it managed to overtake Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer on the planet. Interestingly, one of the analysts to say this is none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, which ends up giving another importance to the report.

What will change with the iPhone 16?

It is therefore expected that the Pro models will increase in size to make room for larger batteries and more complex camera modules. In addition, it is also expected that there will be the implementation of a touch and pressure sensitive capture button for photographs and video capture.

In addition to all this, iOS 18 should bring several capabilities based on Artificial Intelligence. We still don’t know if they will be exclusive to the most recent models, or if they will reach several generations of iPhone smartphones.

Quite honestly, according to rumors, I even think that the changes in 2024 will be more significant than those in 2023. Therefore, I am having some difficulty understanding the panic of some analysts. First of all, share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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