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Is Samsung copying Apple badly, or is this the right path?



As usual, we already know everything, or almost everything, about Samsung’s new high-end smartphones that are expected to hit the market in January 2024 under the name Galaxy S24. This is especially true when the topic is the Galaxy S24 Ultra! The one that will most likely be the most desired Android smartphone on the planet next year.

So far, everything is normal… However, the idea remains that Samsung wants to get a little closer to Apple’s design. Which might be a bad idea!

Is Samsung copying Apple badly, or is this the right path?

This is the new Galaxy S24 Ultra. Edge is now a thing of the past.

Therefore, if the rumors are true, we are just over 1 and a half months away from the launch of the new Galaxy S24, devices that are apparently ready to bet everything they have on Artificial Intelligence, to differentiate themselves from everything else.

Which is clear, means that in terms of design, things won’t change any further. But still, it seems like there was time to cancel one of the most recognized features of Samsung’s top of the range… The curved screen.

What changes?

In other words, we already know that we will have devices divided between SoC Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen3, we will have a huge focus on AI features, as well as a shortcut on the lock screen capable of taking the user directly to Instagram. But, the biggest change is on the Galaxy S24 Ultra side, which leaves behind the curved screen, also known as Edge, to adopt a more traditional screen, and therefore with a larger usable area.

Android 14 on Galaxy S23

Little by little, Galaxy S smartphones are getting closer and closer to what Apple has to offer. But is this a good idea? Is it a good strategy? I have my doubts.

Yes, Apple was never a big fan of the Curved screen, and that’s why it never adopted it.

However, despite being a little more restrained in the size of the screens it implements on its smartphones, the truth is that the experience of using an iPhone 15 Plus or iPhone 15 Pro Max is not at all the easiest with a flat screen. Especially if you have small hands.

I think Samsung has given up on something that separates it from its rivals, and truth be told, it has always done very well. In fact, the “Edge” has evolved from generation to generation in the Ultra models, and appeared in its best form with the 2023 Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Which raises a question… Aren’t we wanting different things in the smartphone world? Isn’t it seeing unique, exciting designs and really useful features that can motivate a consumer to change their smartphone? Isn’t more of the same a mistake? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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