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Much used function will return to WhatsApp for computers!



Snapchat co-founder Reggie Brown created the concept of self-destructing messages several years ago. However, it didn’t take long for Meta to implement it on Instagram a few years ago and eventually bring it to WhatsApp in 2021. Still, contrary to what one would expect, this company removed this version from the WhatsApp desktop apps. . However, this will be reversed very soon and as such this much used function will return to WhatsApp for the computer!

Much used function will return to WhatsApp for computers!

As noted by WABetaInfothe ability to send single-view images and videos has been slowly returning to some WhatsApp desktop apps over the past few weeks, with the rollout now gathering pace.

The screenshot below illustrates how multimedia content can be configured to be viewed once on WhatsApp for Windows. This is how the icon appears in the image editing tool’s caption bar at the bottom. In addition to the Windows application, the view once button was also found on WhatsApp for macOS. Also in WhatsApp beta for iPad, according to WABetaInfo. However, the button placement may differ based on the platform you are using.

WhatsApp function for computer

WhatsApp never really explained why it removed this capability from web apps. It was always a bit annoying for people who frequently switched between mobile and desktop apps.

However, the fact that WhatsApp has finally changed course and returned the ephemeral sharing of multimedia content to computer applications is welcome news for users. This even though it took a year to recover it. Although the launch appears to have already started, don’t lose hope if you still can’t see it. WABetaInfo states that it should become more available in the coming weeks.

More news on the way

Of course, this isn’t the only feature addition WhatsApp is working on, as recent beta versions of the Android app have given us a good idea of ​​what to expect in the future.

But not all WhatsApp updates are good, as Google recently announced that chat/media backups will “soon start counting towards” the associated Google account storage allocation. There were initial indications that this measure was planned, but it appears that it will come into force in December of this year for those in the beta version and in early 2024 for the rest of the users in the stable channel.

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