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It smells like Christmas on Prime Video! Have you seen this film?



Although this festive season is already what it is in terms of fun, there is something that everyone who loves Christmas can never miss. In other words, nothing more and nothing less than films. So, even taking into account that the end of the year 2023 is already being brutal at that level, there are some projects that you really cannot miss. Mainly those that we have access to through the most varied Streaming platforms.

Therefore, this time we are talking about nothing less than “The Christmas Battle”. A film made available by Prime Video that is having a huge success. With millions of views and huge praise. But what story does this film exactly tell us and what cast can we count on?

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It smells like Christmas on Prime Video! Have you seen this film?

Therefore, the story of this project essentially centers on Eddie Murphy. In this comical Christmas adventure, he plays a man whose main objective is to win the house decorating competition in his neighborhood. However, he inadvertently makes a deal with an evil elf that brings the classic “12 Days of Christmas” to life. In other words, now instead of doing everything to win, you will have to do everything to save Christmas.

When it comes to the cast, we have the unmistakable Eddie Murphy, accompanied by Jillian Bell, Tracee Ellis Ross, Genneya Walton and even Thaddeus J.. In other words, a fantastic group that did an incredible job. Everything to make your Christmas more special.

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In short, if you were looking for a Christmas film to watch with your family in the special days ahead, this one from Prime Video could very well be one of the best options.

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