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Netflix series has just been renewed? But do you think you deserved it?



For all those who have Netflix at home and regularly follow all the projects that are being launched on the platform. You probably already know how complicated it is for a given project to be renewed for a new season. After all, if the series in question is not successful upon its launch. It’s very likely that he won’t even come back.

However, this time we have an unprecedented and even unexpected case in our opinion. This is because a Korean series (Zombieverse) has just been renewed for its second season. But the truth is that it fell far short of expectations when it comes to success? In other words, what explanation does the platform have for so many projects that ended up being canceled and people loved and now continue with this one?

It’s official! Season 4 of The Boys arrives in 2024!

Netflix series has just been renewed? But do you think you deserved it?

Therefore, for those who don’t know this series renewed by Netflix, we are talking about a Reality Show called Zombieverse that stages a Zombie epidemic and that makes the various participants have to survive the living dead. However, the question is… Who will be able to prevail and survive to tell the story?

That said, despite being exciting, this project only managed to stay in the top 10 most viewed projects for just one week. Getting anything like 15 million hours watched. Which translates into 1.9 million people watching.

The numbers seem tempting, but taking into account the success that Korean projects usually have and the flow of marketing that this series had in its pre-launch. It ends up resulting in disaster… Surprising us so much that it ended up being renewed for a second season.

Netflix series renewed

In short, there is still no concrete release date for the second season of this series. However, we would bet on something by the beginning of 2025.

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