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It’s worth using Google Chromecast on a Smart TV!



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Traditional television systems have given way to smart TVs that allow you to perform various functions. Examples of this include streaming applications, browsing the Internet, listening to music and much more. However, smart TVs have some limitations, ranging from slight inconveniences to real security risks. For this reason, there are a few reasons why adding a good streaming device makes sense. So it’s worth using Google Chromecast on a Smart TV!

It’s worth using Google Chromecast on a Smart TV!

Extend existing smart TV functionalities

While smart TVs may have many standard streaming functions, there are always a few things missing. On the other hand, since Chromecast is integrated into the Google Home app, you can take advantage of features like voice assistant and parental controls, which can be incredibly useful for homes with elderly family members or younger children.

Additionally, many Chromecast functions can make a difference. For example, if you don’t know where you put the remote for your smart TV, you can use your cell phone as a remote. For households with multiple housemates or family members, you can also create multiple profiles for each user for a personalized experience.

Compatibility with streaming services

Nowadays, it is common practice for smart TVs to have access to all the latest streaming applications. However, streaming partners for less popular smart TV platforms may be limited as they rely on licensing agreements and partnerships.

With such a large user base, Chromecast users can access a wide variety of streaming platforms.

To determine if your favorite app is accessible on Chromecast, simply go to the Chromecast built-in app page and search for the name of the casting app. In addition to TV and movie streaming applications, Google Chromecast users can also enjoy music and sports platforms.

Device compatibility

By complementing your smart TV with a Chromecast device, you’re essentially integrating it into your Google smart home ecosystem. With this, you will have all the advantages of integrating it with smart home assistants and other devices connected through the platform. For me this is without a doubt the biggest advantage. Plus, you can even access integrated smart home devices directly from your smart TV, without having to open your phone. For example, if someone rings your doorbell in the middle of a broadcast, you can quickly transfer the view to your smart doorbell camera.

Advantages of screen mirroring

Some people who play games on their smartphones complain about not having a screen big enough to share with their friends. With some games that support controllers, you can stream them to your TV for a console-like experience. Google Chromecast goes even further, allowing you to stream games directly to your TV.

While many people use Chromecast for entertainment, you can also stream Google Slides presentations. In addition to showing the presentation, Chromecast lets you navigate to the next slide, view presenter notes on the casting device, and manipulate materials. For example, you can use the Draw icon to highlight important points, make notes, or create emphasis.

Additional security features

In general, smart TVs use software that doesn’t receive as many updates as this. Especially after a certain time. Chromecast receives frequent updates to fix security issues that arise.

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