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This is being considered the most violent film on Netflix! Have you seen?



Considering that 2023 is very close to the end, we think it’s time to look back at all the projects we’ve seen released on Netflix. After all, we had a little bit of everything, be it action, comedy, drama, horror or even action. Users of this Streaming platform really can’t complain. However, for all those who like more violent projects, we have one that will possibly leave you with your mouth open.

Therefore, we are talking about nothing less than Believer 2. A project from South Korea, which, like many other films and series from this country, is enjoying immense success around the world. But be careful, it is not recommended for all ages…

Season 2 of this Netflix series? Starts in January!

This is being considered the most violent film on Netflix! Have you seen?

Therefore, the film recently arrived in the Netflix catalog and is already a huge success. At least here in Portugal it already occupies fourth place on the list of most watched films of the week. And taking into account that our country follows trends in the rest of Europe on this platform, we can imagine the recognition it is receiving.

That said, the film follows a detective determined to seek the truth and put an end to one of the largest drug trafficking organizations in all of Asia. However, the search for the leader also has personal reasons in the mix. There is a reckoning that needs to be done as quickly as possible.

violent film

In short, this film, considered very violent, can be seen on Netflix and has a cast worthy of the success it is having. In fact, it seems even better than some recently released Marvel films. But those are conversations for another time…

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