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Just like És verses and reverses of the Ryokan in Portugal



cover Just as You Are verses and reverses of the Ryokan

February 22nd to Assírio & Alvim will publish in Portugal Just like you are verses and reverses of the Ryokan in Ryokan It is Marta Morais. You can buy here with discount.

Translating from Japanese, Marta Morais created an anthology that aims to be a journey through the work of the monk and poet Ryokan. Here, we will find poems in dialogue with the seasons, the various interlocutors who crossed paths with the author (in a question-answer game), refocusing them on the most important moments in the author’s biography.

It’s not that you don’t give it to me

with the people of this world


I’m better

playing alone

Just like You are verses and reverses of Ryokan by Ryokan and Marta Morais

ISBN: 978-972-37-2321-2
Language: Portuguese
Dimensions: 152 x 212 x 28 mm
Binding: Hard cover
Pages: 392

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